About me


my name is Antonija and I am from Europe's most beautiful small country called Croatia.

I am a teacher and that is what my passion is. 

I am 30 years old and what I love to do is to search for inspirational videos, blogs, stories, music, quotes etc. That is how I keep my vibes high during the day.

A long as I'll enjoy inspiring myself with positive articles, movies, stories and quotes I might as well share with others what I've found, right?

So, I made a web site called www.inspiredpeeps.com and am sharing inspiration with site's readers. 

I wanted to make this blog as means to pull out of myself any interesting topic that could inspire a person. Sometimes I really know how to inspire people and those kind of people love to be around me, listening to me speak or sharing their stories with me.

If you enjoy the posts share the enjoyment with your loved ones.

Lots of Love,

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