Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Land is free! We are more abundant than we know just because we are delusional about our poorness!

Are we listening to "leaders"/"politicians" who are usually very sickly looking people with sick intentions, who say that we need to pay for our share of the land we wish to have?

Nobody owns the land! 

The land is everyone's!

I don't care for papers and owners. Those are usually people who live under the great fear for their "possessions". "Oh, I've worked for this very hard my whole life!" Well, let me tell you, it was yours in the first place!

Who gave politicians right to write those kind of papers and claim them valid? This shit is not working for anymore. I will not listen to this any more. I will plant the fruit trees everywhere I go! This is free food. The trees make this free food for us! We need to respect that.

I see younger people everywhere realizing the irony here and don't even care about what politicians are saying.They are simply doing their own thing.

We all know that people with positive intentions look healthy and have positive vibes miles around them! Their vibe is so loud that you cannot but feel good and thrive around them. We all know everything thrives around those kind of people! Those kind of people have light intentions. They have light thoughts! They light up the room! It is easy to talk to them!

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