Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dreams - Meaning of dreams

Just like in our lives, people come and people go. Things happen, things go. The only thing that is left with us to stay is the feeling of experience that comes with each person, thing and situation.

I had a dream this night that made me realize that.

The dream goes like this;

Just little after midnight a bunch of people were getting into the trams in the part of my town on the spot where the town ends. So we entered the trams, and insides of the trams were a bit different than usual. It looked more like the insides of the train because we were sitting three people in one row.

I had this old cellphone with me that I didn't know how to use anymore because I am so used to android phones now. One of Madonna's songs started to play on it and I tried to turn the volume down but couldn't. People were looking at my direction aggravated, and the person sitting next to me was quietly giving me the "turn it off" looks.

From that I got a feeling of an embarrassment for harassing people with this sound, but wasn't my fault anyway so I've let it go.

After I've let it go and was OK with this feeling, I found myself in a cool bus in nature somewhere. The nature was unreal. There were parts of the grass that were pink, and white,all kinds of flowers and pink and white treetops. I couldn't believe my eyes.

This bus was full with men mostly, and as I think about it now I see it was only one man cloned as many people in the bus, only dressed differently. So the one sitting besides me was very kind to me, not like one from the tram. He even encouraged me to look and enjoy in the scenery. And than the dream goes on and the dream disappears...just like it all does in life. Now we are in one situation and the next moment we are somewhere else experiencing other things.

People and things are just the tools our mind creates so the soul could have an experience.

That is why dream state and awakened state are the same thing. They give the same result of feelings and experiences. I would say that the state we call awakened seems a bit more limited than the dream state. Dreams are different from the life also because the situations are not happening linearly in time. The situations just accrue and you experience in that way as they come and go. Life state is linear time and here situations seems like following one another in a logical sequence.

So dream vividly and enjoy each dream like you enjoy each experience in life you have. 

Love, Peace and Unity,

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