Monday, March 10, 2014

True Love - Your Kids

I would like to share thoughts on a claim that my friend and also a new father of a cute baby made.

I have no babies and I do not have urge to be called mom ever. So I cannot tell you how it feels to make another human specimen, and I can surly tell you I laugh when some parents explain how you cannot know true love before you have your baby.

That  would mean than none can ever feel pure love unless he/she has a baby, right?

I just want to tell those kind of thinkers that you should ask yourself that just maybe you have no idea what love is at all. It is because those people identify love with possessing things and people. They never experienced any true kind of love feeling ever because they cannot see the endless happiness in sun, sky and planet Earth. They cannot feel happiness when other people's kids talk to you and smile at you, because they are limited believing you need your own for that.

If they truly believe that one needs his/her own kid to feel true happiness and meaning in life you are deeply emotionally limited.

So many women and man today need and want so badly to have babies. When you ask them why they'll tell you because it is a special kind of love, and.....
Only when your baby smiles at you you can see the real happiness. 
Only when your baby touches you....
Only when you are called mom/ dad....
Only then you'll have the better relationship with your partner....
Only then.....will be better..ONLY THEN you will reach higher level.

If you cannot see and feel happiness when you look and communicate with any other child or any other human being, guess what... are programmed and fooled into thinking that your baby is in some way more special than your friends baby. But if you ask a neutral person let's call him Jim whose baby is better, he'll tell you they are the same! And that is the truth.

Your baby is more special to you ONLY because you spend much more time with it than with other babies. And it makes no logic that anyone's baby is actually more special or less special because they are all the same, right?

The NO1 mistake parents make while raising their child is explaining their child that there are actually better kids and worst kids. School does the same thing. Competitiveness in that way makes 70% of teenagers today taking antidepressants because they cannot handle this adult craziness.

Until we stop making this separation between ourselves this will just grow. We are all one, we need to start taking care of each other and truly feeling connected to one another and to our true mother, planet Earth. We are all her children, just look at what we are made of and you'll know this is true.

The women who I call my mother is my sister, because her mother too is a living being we call Earth. This is not my idea. Ask Jesus because he was teaching the same thing.

Realize that you as a parent want the best for your kid, and not what schools and society tells you your kid needs to do or be better than.

Teach your kid that all kids are loved and should be treated as brothers and sisters. Not just the close family but everyone.

If anyone tells you that he's better than you, his time is more valuable than yours, pushes you in the street cause he's in a hurry, invalidates you in any way, remember this post and be gentle with this person because he is choosing to believe this illusion of separateness of human beings.

Love, Peace & Unity!

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