Thursday, March 13, 2014

To Workout Or Not To Workout

I love my workouts! I usually do them every or every other day. I take long runs in the morning and after that I do 30 minutes of yoga.

Considering I eat mostly raw Eco fruits and vegetables I am in pretty good shape even if I skip few days of exercise.

Well, last 3 weeks was a period of no workout at all and I have all the best excuses in the world.

I have no time to workout because I have a lot of work to do, and the weather was cloudy and rainy so I skipped both runs and yoga.

I love to workout in the nature because I feel great after I've shaken my body and organs in the fresh air :-) After that I feel strong and I feel I am up to any task in my day.

So, now I have a new trick to use to motivate myself to do my workout routine regularly, and I think it is a good thing to share it because I feel so confident that it will make me not skip my workouts any more.

This is the new trick:

If I don't do my daily workout I forbid myself to do anything else in a day. I must not work, or eat, or cook or anything before I do the workout.

He he well, I can tell you this morning it worked and it was weird. First thing in the morning I thought, well maybe I'll do it tomorrow. After that I said OK, you can do it tomorrow but until then you cannot do anything. Not even watch a movie. And then of course I did my workout because otherwise I would just sit on the couch the whole day staring at the wall haha.

So this worked for me perfectly. I know the trick will do its thing again tomorrow.

Love, Peace & Unity!

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