Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Time to redefine success

Your soul needs to express itself in this life. But it is so respectful to the brain that it will not impose. So in order to hear the souls voice we need to calm down our brains.

I've already made a post similar to this one called Abundance - What it takes to be rich. If you read this post you will know my background.

Now, I got the inspiration to write more about true riches and abundance. As I wrote in the post from the above link I do not count riches in money or any other material things. I count riches as a peaceful state of bliss and connectedness with your inner voice that comes from the place above your heart - the chest area. I wrote about this voice and how to meet it in the post Inner Voice.

For two years now I have not had a day job. Instead I teach and the rest of the time I am trying to figure out totally new branch that I've started to educate myself about. Two years ago when I've decided to quit my job I have had savings and since then I've been investing in my online knowledge. Now that I spent my savings, I am teaching  others and earning money in that way, but the situation is I do not live alone. I live with my husband who earns great money with whatever he does. Because he is used to it he sees me as a problem in our household, because we have our accounts mixed and I buy lots of things with his hard earned money.

To be honest I do not care if I have money or not. When I have it it great, and when I don't have a dime it is all good too.So this troubles my husband so much. That is why I suggested to him that we split our earnings, our expenses so each of us could have our own paycheck for themselves.

Because my brain got used to his big paychecks it tried to bring every possible fear at me so I could change my mind about this. So my brain brought me a fear of dying in hunger, fear of not being able to buy myself nice pair of pants. Fear of being recognized as someone who is poor and even worst, someone who is unsuccessful. As I was facing those fears I looked them right in the eyes I've acknowledged and welcomed all of them.

To my biggest fear of not being able to buy the food I said that it is not in our power to defy "death" and that I need to to thrive instead of only trying to survive. I searched my inner voice again and when I found it I saw it is peaceful and calm about it and even had a smile on his "face". So I've decided that is what I will project.

My brain is used to trying to find ways to survive. It makes up scary scenarios to get on my way, to stop me from "hurting" it and myself. I now know I am not afraid  of those things and it is such a calm energy around me and it feels so blessingly calm, like I have my life in my hands. I am not afraid of death because I know that it is not possible to really die. How I know that - well that is a long story and a topic for another post.

Almost a year ago I've drank a drink called Ayahuasca. You can search about it on Youtube to see what it is. In short it is a plant that opens your channels to other worlds, energies, entities and other worldly knowledge. After I've drank it I felt like my live has no meaning. Like nothing and no one had meaning. I now realize what it meant. It meant that my soul purpose was neglected. It means that I need to find the way to express my soul in this physical reality and I've come to the point I cannot fear of small fears like fear of dying any more.

I hope for everyone to come to this place because it is very peaceful and natural when you let your brain realize that everything that is happening needs to be happening and it is ok to look fears in the eyes and welcome them. Then they leave immediately and energy around you shifts to support you.

This is true. And now that I have burned the ships that were here to support me I am stronger and sharper in my thinking.

I always wished this for myself I think. To be left without no material possessions and to be free to hear my souls voice. I am on that way I believe.

Love, Peace and Unity!

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