Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So little time, so busy To Enjoy Life!

In the last few days I tend to get really frustrated with the idea of lack of time. Sometimes I even get angry about the things I don't manage to do during the day. But I think generally this frustration comes of not knowing the Universal laws. What kind of laws that are I will talk in just a minute.

So, now I am in a tight deadline to make one of my projects working and earning, but I am still in a process of learning about this field because it is totally new for me.

Then feelings of frustration overwhelm me because I know it is not possible to do it, and then again hope dies last, and I always think that something will happen and it will start working.

Since I've quit my daily job, almost 2 years ago now, I've been earning money by teaching people in my own home for donations. And this is the way I manage to earn enough to live more than pretty good life. But on the other hand I've been learning this new business of online marketing and graphic design that I've been excited about for two years now.

One thing I've noticed lately happening with me are peaks of creativity. For example, really excellent pop/country/fun songs started to pour out of me. I have a great movie idea story. I attract lots of people to myself who sees my happiness of freedom being home entrepreneur, healthy body mind and spirit entity. I guess this satisfaction of daily doing things I love and that fills me with respect towards myself is very sexy and cool to others.

And I am very grateful for this being this way because before it was nothing like that. I see so many changes in my personal and lets call it a "working life". But really I love teaching, I love people that I get to teach and I love learning this online business together with graphic design.

And I guess it is a big piece of cake for me to eat it all at once and very fast because I might choke, right?

But still I get frustrated with the speed that this online knowledge and experience is progressing at.

But this is false frustration because I know I have all the time in the world. How I know that?
Well, often times I wake up with this knowing and I cannot explain it, prove it or share it. It is just the knowing. So one morning I woke up knowing that I have died millions of time already and came back and died again and came back, and I knew that I can just take of from where I've ended, come back and do it again and again. Then I realized that I can't even remember a time I was not alive. Then I realize that all I know is I am alive now, I was always alive and I will be always alive. So that made me realize that I am endless and I have endless time in the Universe to live and to do this online things as many times I want to.

So if you ask me how I know this, I can surly tell you I have no idea. I just have this knowing and I know it like you know tomorrow will be the new day, like you know your name and age. You know it for sure within you, that is how deeply I know this to be true for sure.

So I hope I helped you a bit if you struggle the same way I do wit the lack of time. It is actually false belief and it is engraved deeply within every person that is why it is so hard to let it go.

Peace, Love & Unity!

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