Sunday, March 16, 2014

My ways of how to succeed in life to feel that fullfilling feeling every day

I hear and see people everywhere around me talking about trying to do something fulfilling in their life. I hear them saying how they would like to do every day something they love and enjoy, something meaningful. Admitting that is the first step for them towards fulfilling this need.

I think we are all subconsciously aware of this fact:

Some of us are able to accomplish things mostly due to our discipline, and for those of us who are not so disciplined, like me it will take longer time to realize what I want and how to do it. I am pretty slow doer and I enjoy being slow. I enjoy that path towards the goal. Also to help myself reach fullness in my heart and soul I have learned few tricks on how to change my pattern so I can grow.

When I say pattern I mean usual way of reacting and doing things.

Einstein said that we cannot change the problem from the same state of mind that we created it. What this exactly means is that if you wish to change your reactions and thinking processes you need to change things you do and how we do them. Also this means changing the way we think. In a sens we could say we need to become a different personality.

There are literally millions of ways to change your pattern but here I will share the way that best and fastest worked for me personally. It is an exercise, and you can use it anywhere and anytime because it is so easy.

So it goes like this; every day find one thing that you had never noticed before. Wherever you are right now just try to notice one new thing that you haven't noticed before. When you meet your friends and new people try to see something new in their looks or behavior you haven't seen before. 

Why? What's the result?

Well from my experience I've noticed for example if I find myself in a tricky situation I could immediately see ways to surpass it, and ways I couldn't think of before. And now they are so obvious and easy to think of because I've trained my brain to notice new things. And it is only trained to notice one new thing each day, imagine what if I would notice consciously much more thinges hehe :-)

This is a great workout and I recommend it to everyone.

Another easy thing to do to change your pattern, and this is also what I did; surround yourself with appropriate things, people and situations that suit your ideal life goal. So for example if you wanted to have bigger paycheck and make more money in general, now it is not the best time to watch TV news. So take out the TV from your home. Socialize with people you find successful. Read their blogs, listen to their vlogs and so on.

And of course make daily inputs of inspiration that you can find on and other similar inspirational sites.

Peace, Love & Unity!

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