Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inner Voice - My Heart Spoke With Me This Morning / How Do I know It's My HEart And Not My Brain Speaking?

For a long time now I have a friend telling me; "Antonija you should trust your inner voice more. Trust your inner voice. Listen to it and let it guide you."

How do I distinct between my inner voice telling me something and my brain and ego speaking? I didn't understand the difference.

And then it hit me this morning while I was still waking up. It felt like somebody was teaching me the difference. It was a clear message with steps:

           ---------   LOCATION OF MIND VOICE AND INNER/HEART VOICE   --------

1. First came the awareness of brain speaking ---- located in my head
2. Then came the awareness of this other voice going out of this warm feeling----located in my chest ( I never knew this one existed till this morning)

          -----------  AWARENESS OF SEPARATENESS OF THE VOICES    -----

1. Then came the awareness of me doing my morning stretching up and enjoying it and inner voice was all talking about it. At the same time I was aware my brain thinking of what happened yesterday and worrying of how will it go today. So I was aware of the two voices speaking at the same time. That meant that I can choose on which one I can focus.

2. Than I became even more aware these voices speaking at the same time are separated from each other.


Than the voice I clearly felt was coming from the warm feeling in my chest said; listen, let "It" think ( speaking of the brain). Be aware you can leave "It" alone while it's thinking and you can disconnect from it and come into your self again and enjoy all things happening now.

Each time you focus on what your mind is saying, and "It" is thinking and saying a lot, you can just say to "It", OK, just keep thinking and I'll be back in a minute to check on you.

That disconnection I'm talking about from the brain going on and on about my obligations - I've just imagined the plugging the wire out from my brain - and I've just focused on the voice in my chest.

So the answer on how to know if your ego or your inner voice is speaking to you is to feel:
- if your ego and brain are speaking, the voice feels like it is coming from your head
- if your inner voice is speaking, the voice feels like it is coming from your chest and heart place

Later on, while you will practice this feeling, you will be able to say immediately which voice is which. Ego voice is more like, I am important and stuff needs to be done now. Inner voice is opposite and inner voice will always acknowledge the ego voice assuring it will all be done and it'll be fine.

                                              ---------BRAIN IS THE TOOL --------

Well I've heard this a million times already but until now it didn't sync with me. Because I became aware of this voice speaking out of my chest area I then saw that this voice realizes that the brain is a tool, similar to a calendar planner. But inner voice will never tell this to the brain, because the brain has forgotten it is just a calendar planner. Now the brain gives too much credit to itself, and inner voice is acknowledging it. Inner voice is not fighting the brain, but it is its best friend and understands the brain. Because brain can feel this peaceful energy from the inner voice, it isn't aggressive in it's demands. This is a beautiful cooperation, and I've never seen it until this morning when I became really aware of this inner voice and it's location.

Peace, Love & Unity!

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