Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Being lucky? - Manifestation

I realize that the place we are at right now in our lives is a product of our decisions, paths we've chosen. Some people call it a manifestation.

In my own life people tell me how lucky I am, "having all I need", and me being satisfied and happy most of the time is a product of that how much luck I've had in my life. I am very lucky I admit and I am grateful for every thing that led me to this point in life. but I don't "have it all" because I've been lucky...

I am a definitely very happy person, childish, not taking life too seriously. I make mistakes all the time, sometimes I hurt people with my decisions. I definitely make some people really mad with my opinions. Sometimes I am sorry that it has to be that way, but in general I don't worry about it too much.

That is why my conclusion is that I have "everything" in life made easy not because I've been lucky, but because I am in general light and happy person not taking every rejection and discomfort seriously.

It is really not very good to conclude for someone: it is easy for you...you have parents helping and similar conclusions. One can only think he knows but to actually know is to be in that person's skin.

It is our relationship with light vibes like fun and happiness that determine in which direction we'll go in life. It determines will we pick up situations that compliment our wishes.

Life gives the same set of tools to all of us who come to this physical reality. Our mind is a tool. If you tune up to a better resolution, you'll be able to see more and know more. If you tune to lower resolution you'll see less, but that doesn't mean you'll have a hard time. It is all in how we perceive things to be.

Most of us relate success with terms of earning money and other possessions. And that is not true definition of success and abundance. Just think, could you buy stars with money? How much money do you need to give to be assured you'll get well from cancer or aids or depression? So what I understand from this is that money is not the thing we should be worried about.

I believe that if we wish to feel cool and healthy we should make for ourselves abundance of free time, good foods and all other light vibes. That is the true riches that can't be bought with money or position. Form that view, if you still will need some money you'll get it in the ways you feel good about. Often times when people realize what true abundance is they sink into nature, make food and other supplies for themselves and realize they do not need money at all. Or at lease they do not need it in amounts they did before they had realization of the true abundance. There are many examples of this that you can find on the internet.

It is just the matter of what you prefer for your life to become. We are all in the same place with the same set of tools. Your most valuable tool is your connection to your higher mind. Body and brain are just vehicles and you are able to experience life through your vehicle.

So keep the flow going and be in light vibrations. It is not the way that will insure a less bumpy ride through life, but it is definitely the way you came here to experience.

Love, Peace & Unity!


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