Friday, March 14, 2014

Abundance - What it takes to be rich?

" When you focus on Being a Blessing, God always makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance." Joel Osteen

There was a time I thought that being rich meant making and owning specific amount of money.
I knew satisfaction had something to do with abundance also, and I was taught that satisfaction and happiness come after you're abundant with money. This is how my parents explained, this is what I've picked up from being an MTV child, reading about celebrities in magazines and so on. Also I've learned it like that because lots of people validate you on this bases, maybe even non intentionally. You are better excepted in our society I guess.

I have finished Faculty of Economics and have found a good job immediately after graduation. Then I thought my life is finally beginning with my paycheck every month. Paycheck kept coming but my satisfaction kept falling. I got disappointed with the whole system of producing highly educated people and all of obligations that came after that. I didn't see the good meaning in going to work every day and making money to pay the debts in next 30 years. This was crazy in my head and I had to try doing something differently just to satisfy my feelings.

So for a while I lived spending very little sums of money, and was saving all money I could. After I've saved enough to live 6 months without work I quit my job and I wanted then to find out what I wanted to do next. All of my friends and family were worried for me and why in the God's name did I do stupid thing like that, but when you need to do something you need to do it. If you need to pee you need to pee, right? It is the same, you could never stop yourself from peeing that is how I felt about changing my life.

So now, after 2 years of being my own boss I must admit I love that kind of life. And today after all that changes and after all of  that time I was thinking how I had the wrong definition of abundance and richness.

Now I see that money has nothing to do with it. In my experience one first needs to work on personal growth to gather awareness of how things are really, and not how one thinks things are or how he hears from the others things are.


So now I am aware that true riches are NOT focusing on making money.

Truly true riches is being aware of the fact that the true abundance and riches is life itself and everything that comes with it. It is the feeling of satisfaction and also it is the feeling of frustration. It is the abundance of feelings, and it is all life is. Being aware of that fact I call the truly true riches :-) 

This awareness will cause even frustrating situations feel worth it and needed. This makes life a lot easier and meaningful and worth living in each moment. When that happens not only will you be abundant with money, but also with health, good people then surrounds you, interesting ideas and projects, new job opportunities and so much more.

That is the definition I live by right now. It brought me much more peace and fullness and freedom. 

Peace, Love & Unity!

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