Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Land is free! We are more abundant than we know just because we are delusional about our poorness!

Are we listening to "leaders"/"politicians" who are usually very sickly looking people with sick intentions, who say that we need to pay for our share of the land we wish to have?

Nobody owns the land! 

The land is everyone's!

I don't care for papers and owners. Those are usually people who live under the great fear for their "possessions". "Oh, I've worked for this very hard my whole life!" Well, let me tell you, it was yours in the first place!

Who gave politicians right to write those kind of papers and claim them valid? This shit is not working for anymore. I will not listen to this any more. I will plant the fruit trees everywhere I go! This is free food. The trees make this free food for us! We need to respect that.

I see younger people everywhere realizing the irony here and don't even care about what politicians are saying.They are simply doing their own thing.

We all know that people with positive intentions look healthy and have positive vibes miles around them! Their vibe is so loud that you cannot but feel good and thrive around them. We all know everything thrives around those kind of people! Those kind of people have light intentions. They have light thoughts! They light up the room! It is easy to talk to them!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dreams - Meaning of dreams

Just like in our lives, people come and people go. Things happen, things go. The only thing that is left with us to stay is the feeling of experience that comes with each person, thing and situation.

I had a dream this night that made me realize that.

The dream goes like this;

Just little after midnight a bunch of people were getting into the trams in the part of my town on the spot where the town ends. So we entered the trams, and insides of the trams were a bit different than usual. It looked more like the insides of the train because we were sitting three people in one row.

I had this old cellphone with me that I didn't know how to use anymore because I am so used to android phones now. One of Madonna's songs started to play on it and I tried to turn the volume down but couldn't. People were looking at my direction aggravated, and the person sitting next to me was quietly giving me the "turn it off" looks.

From that I got a feeling of an embarrassment for harassing people with this sound, but wasn't my fault anyway so I've let it go.

After I've let it go and was OK with this feeling, I found myself in a cool bus in nature somewhere. The nature was unreal. There were parts of the grass that were pink, and white,all kinds of flowers and pink and white treetops. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How We Create reality

Lately I've been jogging a lot. If you've read my previous blogs than you know that is how I get in touch with nature and its spirit and my spirit too. 

As I am pretty sensitive and intuitive I can upload with my mind some "bigger" truths of information that are not really physical, but ether way they influence physicality.

As a beautiful sunny day came I went jogging at 7am with only few brave souls around me walking their dogs. As I got into my grove, suddenly I've noticed with the corner of my eye a person in a greyish sweater running besides me. I was running up on the hill and he was down. There was a distance of maybe 100 meters between us. Still that person kept running in line with me and he kept up with my pace. I thought this was strange as usually other runners  that run faster than me never keep the same pace instead they move forward. And than I thought how a bit annoying it was as this person made me speed up. I did want him to move ahead of me so I don`t feel competitive and have to keep up with him. 

As I was thinking that, suddenly Information came and told me:"You have created this runner to speed up your tempo." And I thought:" Oh really..but how could I have created this person? I don't understand."  The Information put it like this : "Because you create every single thing in your life. That runner doesn't even exist. Turn around and you will see he is not there."

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Time to redefine success

Your soul needs to express itself in this life. But it is so respectful to the brain that it will not impose. So in order to hear the souls voice we need to calm down our brains.

I've already made a post similar to this one called Abundance - What it takes to be rich. If you read this post you will know my background.

Now, I got the inspiration to write more about true riches and abundance. As I wrote in the post from the above link I do not count riches in money or any other material things. I count riches as a peaceful state of bliss and connectedness with your inner voice that comes from the place above your heart - the chest area. I wrote about this voice and how to meet it in the post Inner Voice.

For two years now I have not had a day job. Instead I teach and the rest of the time I am trying to figure out totally new branch that I've started to educate myself about. Two years ago when I've decided to quit my job I have had savings and since then I've been investing in my online knowledge. Now that I spent my savings, I am teaching  others and earning money in that way, but the situation is I do not live alone. I live with my husband who earns great money with whatever he does. Because he is used to it he sees me as a problem in our household, because we have our accounts mixed and I buy lots of things with his hard earned money.

To be honest I do not care if I have money or not. When I have it it great, and when I don't have a dime it is all good too.So this troubles my husband so much. That is why I suggested to him that we split our earnings, our expenses so each of us could have our own paycheck for themselves.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Be who you are - Be strange if that will give you satisfaction

If people tell you that you are strange. If they give you "the look" like you are weird. If other in any way give you vibe that they are in any way better than you, then just remember this quotation picture and know that you are free to act strangely, dress strangely and if someone doesn't like it he dosn't need to look.

Be strange if that will give you satisfaction. Remember this is your life and you need to follow your rules.

Peace, Love & Unity!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So little time, so busy To Enjoy Life!

In the last few days I tend to get really frustrated with the idea of lack of time. Sometimes I even get angry about the things I don't manage to do during the day. But I think generally this frustration comes of not knowing the Universal laws. What kind of laws that are I will talk in just a minute.

So, now I am in a tight deadline to make one of my projects working and earning, but I am still in a process of learning about this field because it is totally new for me.

Then feelings of frustration overwhelm me because I know it is not possible to do it, and then again hope dies last, and I always think that something will happen and it will start working.

Since I've quit my daily job, almost 2 years ago now, I've been earning money by teaching people in my own home for donations. And this is the way I manage to earn enough to live more than pretty good life. But on the other hand I've been learning this new business of online marketing and graphic design that I've been excited about for two years now.

One thing I've noticed lately happening with me are peaks of creativity. For example, really excellent pop/country/fun songs started to pour out of me. I have a great movie idea story. I attract lots of people to myself who sees my happiness of freedom being home entrepreneur, healthy body mind and spirit entity. I guess this satisfaction of daily doing things I love and that fills me with respect towards myself is very sexy and cool to others.

And I am very grateful for this being this way because before it was nothing like that. I see so many changes in my personal and lets call it a "working life". But really I love teaching, I love people that I get to teach and I love learning this online business together with graphic design.

And I guess it is a big piece of cake for me to eat it all at once and very fast because I might choke, right?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My ways of how to succeed in life to feel that fullfilling feeling every day

I hear and see people everywhere around me talking about trying to do something fulfilling in their life. I hear them saying how they would like to do every day something they love and enjoy, something meaningful. Admitting that is the first step for them towards fulfilling this need.

I think we are all subconsciously aware of this fact:

Some of us are able to accomplish things mostly due to our discipline, and for those of us who are not so disciplined, like me it will take longer time to realize what I want and how to do it. I am pretty slow doer and I enjoy being slow. I enjoy that path towards the goal. Also to help myself reach fullness in my heart and soul I have learned few tricks on how to change my pattern so I can grow.

When I say pattern I mean usual way of reacting and doing things.

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